July 2022

A new day of hope. The UK Prime Minister has finally been exposed for what he always has been. I won't rant much here, except to say, ''What took you so long? and ''How on Earth did he get there in the first place?''

Why am I writing this up here? Well, the Arts in this country is being eradicated piece by piece by this government. They, all governments, need to be held to account! Of course there are many more indiscretions I could talk about by the current lot, but lets stay on topic ...lets talk about Art education and the massive contribution it makes to our country and our culture. And more specifically how it's being eroded.

Visual art, Fashion, Television shows, Books, Movies, Product design, Interior design, Architecture, Performing Arts ...the list goes on. Without the support of our Educational programs - from school level and upwards - we are doomed to a dull, uninspiring existence evolving around money and entitlement for the privileged few. Removing the importance of Art as a foundation in our education system will lead to a pitiful life down the road. Those who think this isn't an issue should look hard at what they live with, and ask what they can't live without. See that iPhone? A designer came up with that. Shopping for a new handbag or shoes this weekend or that new 65'' telly? Yes, a designer came up with those. That fancy SUV you've got your eye on ...yes, you guessed, at some point a designer came up with those sleeks lines and all the bells and whistles on that interior. All these designers started with a drawing and a creative idea. They are problem solvers as well as dreamers. They probably started young too. Do not press 'Delete' in matters relating to Art.

We all talked about how nice and thankful we'd all become during the early parts of lockdown. What happened since? We've come crawling out of our spaces and have started poking and shouting at how awful things are. We want our lives back! And perhaps quite rightly too. But we need to fix this mess. We need to see value in this quality of life we're after. Let's not allow ourselves to become overburdened by the abuses and destruction in our communities. Let remember what this government is Hell bent on destroying for matters pertaining to 'technology' and 'advancing our economy' (Oh please, spare me!)

Let's stick together and focus on the positive. Want a better world? Write to your MP and complain, not just on your Facebook group. Speak respectfully to those who disagree with your views. Do things for free. Share your Art - brighten people lives - and show how Art can be a positive change to everyone. Above all ...don't lose sight of Hope. The Berlin Wall fell. The Czech Republic peacefully beat its own government. Trump was beaten. Ukraine is strong. Boris was thumped by his own team (and his web of lies). 

Rejoice. Be happy. Make Art. Peace to All.

Thank you.