£ 1,200.00


This might be a small edition of 6 - but its a BIG print!

This is a polyptrych linocut print. It is shown here in a framed format to illustrate its scale. once pieced together. It comes as 8-separate panels and a shadow mounting framing arrangement is recommended (as illustrated) to make the best possible display of this piece (see below).

Serenity as a complete image consists of 8 panels, and when displayed as shown, create a serene environment and eye-catching showpiece. Each printed panel is pressed by hand. The photo illustrates the complete set shadow mounted on acid-free foam board. Each panel also overlaps and extends past the edges of the underlying mount board - creating a shadow. This provides a subtle 3D ambience to the completed work.

Inspired by personal experience of being alone in a wood during a cold Canadian winter. The design makes strong use of white space and stark contrasts, and contributes to the overall feeling of stillness and solitude within a pristine environment. The limited colours are deliberate and extenuate the focus on the deep blue water that runs throughout the image. This in turn joins the panels into one whole image. 

Printed on Stonehenge acid-free paper in an edition of 6. A small number of individual panels are also available - please contact me directly images of individual panels, pricing and delivery info.

The complete set (as shown) includes post and packaging within the UK only. Please note that the printed panels are shipped flat and the framed photo is for illustration purposes only.