The joy of linocut printmaking grew while studying Graphic Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee. With access to a world-class studio and inspiring staff and colleagues, I was able to experiment with different printmaking techniques that included intaglio, lithography, etching and lino cut.

Opening my eyes to the uniqueness of mark making, carving tools, understanding ink use, various substrates and learning the value of 'balance of pressure', were all catalysts, serving as an incredible change to the graphic design mindset that I was driven towards in the late 80's. While the Graphics discipline was an influence on my future technology use, there was a real excitement for me in keeping a foothold in traditional image making too. Access to some much loved Victorian presses certainly helped to plant a deep rooted respect for the craft. And the teaching I received was second-to-none.

I continue my drive for traditional working as it unravels a greater appreciation and insight to what makes a simple print. Through the examination and study of drawing and carving processes, the tradition is often a process of complex problem solving and is a wonderful discovery when you open your mind and discover new ways to do old crafts.

With linoleum printmaking I've always discovered surprises and unexpected delights in the process of each and every print. I rarely do the same thing in exactly the same way. Instead, I like to push boundaries, experimenting while still keeping an eye on an end result. What some consider as failures, I consider a learning experience. This continues to  give way to new found knowledge. Even after all these years I continue to learn (and share) so much about the properties of inks, complementary papers, studio skills (good house keeping) and a respect for tools and materials. It's transpired that there is so much more to printmaking than meets the eye.

Everything you see on the site is original (unless otherwise stated) and available for sale where stated. Feel free to contact me for further information


Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee
Post Graduate Dip. (Printmaking)

B. Des., Graphic Design (HONS)
Crichton Bequest Prize (Design)
Sekalski Prize for Printmaking

Galleries & Exhibitions (Past & Present)
Art Across Borders, Gammalgard (Denmark)
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee
Seagate Printmakers, Dundee
Cyril Gerber Gallery, Glasgow
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen
Torrance House, East Kilbride
Compass Gallery, Glasgow
Ranchmens Club, Calgary (Canada)
Calgary Stampede & Exhibition, Calgary (Canada)
Leighton Arts Centre, Millarville (Canada)
Bluerock Gallery
, Black Diamond (Canada)
Canada)Vales Annual Art Show, Black Diamond (Canada)
Lineham House Gallery, Okotoks (Canada)
Mother of The Redeemer Church, Calgary (Canada)
Art in Healthcare, Edinburgh
, Glasgow

Royal Cambrian Academy Annual Open Exhibition
(2023), Conwy, Wales
BIG Art Exhibition, Paisley

Current Galleries
Craigard Gallery, Wigtown, Dumfriesshire
Creative Strathaven, Strathaven
The Jetty Gallery, Oban
Found Gallery
, Dunbar, East Lothian
Castle Gallery, Rothesay, Isle of Bute
Studio 261, Newton Mearns, Glasgow

Workshops and Teaching Classes
Bishop O' Byrne High School, Calgary (Canada)
Bluerock Gallery
, Black Diamond (Canada)
Inspirational Studio Academy, Okotoks (Canada)
Leighton Arts Centre, Millarville (Canada)
Sheep River Arts Society, Turner Valley (Canada)
Michelle Austin Art, Calgary (Canada)
Lineham House Gallery, Okotoks (Canada)
Private client
s, Strathaven & Glasgow

East Kilbride Art Club
, East Kilbride
Creative Strathaven, Strathaven

House of Prints (fundraiser participant) House of Prints
Art UK (pending)

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