Rainy Day Retreat

£ 160.00

Rainy Day Retreat

This dreamy 'get-away-from-it-all' cottage portrays a sense of comfort in a rural setting in that moment just before it rains with petrichor in the air. The forboding clouds  contrasting with the muted lilac and green colours landscape, and the solid structure of the cottage, come together to invoke a place of sanctuary and comfort.

This square format print uses some collograph techniques as well as reduction lino block printing. Each print has its own unique sky due to the ink-on and wipe-off approach that creates the cloud, so no two prints from this edition are exactly the same (in the sky).

This limited edition (10) uses Cranfield traditional inks and Ho-Sho Japanese printing paper.

Each print comes mounted and protected in a cello sleeve, complete with a numbered  and signed Certificate of Authenticity.